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Prices & Specification of Petticrows Teak on Glass Dragon

Our Teak on glass model combines the practicality of GRP with the beauty of wood. The hull, internal and deck are constructed in the same ways as our All GRP model boats, however there is a recess in the deck into which teak veneer is inlaid creating a “wooden deck” that requires little maintenance.

In all other aspects the Teak–on-glass Dragon is the same as our all GRP model.

Our Teak on glass Dragons can be built to varying specifications and options.

1. Spinnaker chute version – This has the traditional hatch in the bow of the boat through which the spinnaker is launched. This style boat would usually have a traditional cleat beam under the cuddy.

2. No spinnaker chute version – The spinnaker is launched by the crew from a bag under the port side of the cuddy. This style of boat would usually have no cleat beam. The no spinnaker chute version was developed primarily for use in Championship style racing where the courses sailed are windward leeward style, these boats have less equipment in the bow (ie chute, hatch, wet spinnaker).

3. Traveller beam boat – The cockpit has a full length traveller track running from side to side

4. Barney post boat – The cockpit has a centrally mounted console The Barney post option offers more room in the cockpit and was developed for teams sailing with 4 crew, however many crews prefer this style of boat.

The spinnaker chute/no chute and traveller/Barney post options are really a personal choice.

It is therefore possible to combine these options and have a spinnaker chute with Barney post or traveller, or no chute with Barney post or traveller.

All boats have the flared coamings (new 2012) which assist comfort and efficiency of crew positioning.

The internal structure includes a super stiff floor web with improved water drainage and buoyancy throughout.

The superior cockpit drainage is via one way valves, manual and high capacity electric pumps.

All boats come with completed IDA measurement form and ISAF fee paid

Hull and deck colours and design are optional - including the addition of waterlines if required. The hull finished with McLube Hullkote High Performance speed polish.

Boats can be antifouled if required, or we can fit a new style sonic antifoul system.

Petticrows deluxe spars, with choice of standard (m section) or stiff (i Section), fixed or adjustable jumpers and rope rigging.

Spinnaker pole stowed on boom with ring on mast (standard).

Digital compass mounted on cuddy top.

Fit out options: We offer the Racer Specification, Vincie Hoesch Specification or a Full Custom Fitout.

Winchless genoa sheeting with standard or quick release sheeting options.

Harken fittings, carbon range where applicable.

Tapered Dyneema sheets.

Curved helmsman seat in GRP or the option to have the seat in laminated wood.

Boom crutch and tiller in choice of colour

Accessories include pump, battery, solar charger, conventional charger and volt checker, anchor, lines, lifting slings, paddle, fenders, tension gauge, tool box, windex

We welcome sailors to our workshop to discuss the options which are available and any fit out requirements that they have.

Optional extras

We also have a range of optional extras which make up a complete racing package, these include, Harbeck trailers, covers, sails, and fit out options.

The most common options are listed on our price list..........................

See further photos of the Teak on Glass Dragon >>>


Price List >>>



Link to price list
Terms of Trading
1/3rd deposit with order. 1/3rd when hull and deck are moulded. Balance upon completion.
All prices quoted are ex-works and exclude V.A.T which is payable in the country of destination.
Once a deposit has been accepted, the price will not be altered unless there is a specification change by the client in which case any additional cost will be notified to the client in writing before work proceeds.
Once a boat has been paid for in full, it is the owners responsibility to insure it, even if it is still on our premises.
This offer is subject to the BMIF standard conditions of contract, version August 1999. Copy available on request.